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Wadena Flea and Craft Market

3,500’ of Highway 10 frontage - Easy highway access

Dealers Wanted! ... #Almost Famous!

It's easy to set up at the Wadena Flea Market. If you have never been here and aren't sure how to proceed, give us a call.

Reservations are not required. Call ahead if you would like, but ... really ... not necessary. When you arrive, we'll locate your space, and from there, you get started! It's that easy!

We rent individual spaces from two buildings (#'s 2 and 3. Each is approximately 300'x150'). Building #3 has been open for quite a few years now, and is nearly at full capacity. In 2016, we are improving Building #2 and offering larger selling spaces and designating areas for special "maker" events.(Yeah! It'll be so much fun! I can hardly wait!)

We have dollies available, but you are responsible for your own set up. If you are renting an inside space, there should be a table available for your use (no extra cost). Inside spaces have electrical outlets (also no extra charge).

There are porta potties on site, and the company operating them does a good job keeping them clean and stocked. If there is a problem, please let us know.

One advantage to selling inside at the Wadena Flea Market is that you can set up and leave your items there throughout your selling period. You are not required to "pack it all up" every night. (Some people set up for a month, others a weekend, or a day... you decide) If you have items of considerable value, please do not leave them in the buildings unattended. We lock the doors after everyone has left, but we cannot be responsible for items lost.

You are responsible for your booth space. Please, stay with your stuff! ...Do you like to wait when you are ready to pay? Also, the other vendors are not responsible to handle your sales. Be curteous.

"How many people come through the flea market?"

We get this question all the time. Every day is different. Every weekend is different. We are different. The Wadena Flea Market is open all weekend, from 9:00 until 5:00 each day. That means, our customers will show up any time over the weekend. Sometimes, out of town customers stop on the way to their destination, and again on their way back. For that reason, we suggest you set up for the entire weekend. It's better for you! You can camp on site if you would like. (We charge $5 per day for the use of electricity for camping.)

The Wadena Flea Market first opened in 2005 and many customers have made it a summer destination place every year since! (Thank you! We sincerely appreciate it!) We have repeating "girls weekend" customers, family reunion customers, and customers attending weddings, funerals, baby showers and birthday parties. Our visitors come from Canada, and every coast and border in the nation. Because we are spread over four buildings, it is difficult to evaluate how many customers we have over any time period. On the happy side, vendors have said their sales get better every year!

You have many selling options, and our rates are competive. Take advantage of our low costs, park your RV or camp for the weekend, and have fun!

Ever get hungry?

The Egghouse has a pleasant cafe with breakfast and lunch specials. The hand-pattied cheeseburgers are the best in the area, and if you love biscuits and gravy ... umm ... yum! Did I mention hand-cut french fries? Watch for daily specials!

This is a family-friendly market

We always expect a clean, safe and efficient shopping environment. The care you take in keeping your space tidy and your displays appealing will result in better sales and . . . repeat business!

Your conduct and the items you sell must be suitable for all ages. Heckling is prohibited. Unacceptable behavior is not tolerated and it will not be overlooked. The fun belongs to everyone at our market! Enjoy your time with us!

Setting Up

Sell inside or outside

Spaces are clearly marked, clean and inviting
3-day weekend commitment$37.50
4-day weekend commitment$45.00
Daily outside$10.00
RV Electric (per day)$5.00


We offer daily and weekend rates. If you set up for three days, the last day is 1/2 price. If you set up for four days, the last two days are half price.


The rate for outside space remains constant... You can create a huge presence selling outside with almost unlimited space. Pack up a flatbed trailer and sell right off the back! Customers pay to help you unload!

Selling Space Sizes are Generous!
Building #314' x 20'
Building #234' x 15'
Outsideunlimited space

ps... It’s in the Rules . . .

Prior to renting sale space, we must obtain evidence that seller holds a valid sales tax permit, or a written statement that no taxable items are being sold. Our failure to collect this information results in financial penalties to us for each seller from whom the evidence was not obtained.

Our business obligation should not deter you from selling with us! As a standard practice, we will provide you with a form for completion and return prior to set up. We want you to have a successful selling event; if you have any questions, please call.

Contact Us

To take part in a friendly market with great potential, call, text or e-mail:

Corey, 218-640-1171
Susan Lee, 218-640-1126

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